Discover The Only FDA Registered, Transdermal, Over The Counter,
Safe & Homeopathic Human Growth Hormone


SOMADERM HGH Gel Benefits May Include:

  • May experience significant fat loss

  • May enhance muscle mass
  • May improve mood, energy & memory
  • May improve sleep
  • Fat loss (especially around the mid-section)

  • Better mood

  • May speed recovery time
  • May enhance libido & sexual performance
  • May improve healing, recovery & flexibility
  • May alleviate joint pain
  • Healthier hair, skin & nails

  • Regrowth of hair

  • Greater muscle tone

  • Increase in strength

  • Improved memory

  • Increased bone density

  • Increased joint mobility

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.  Individual results will vary. Many have noticed subtle to significant results in as little as a 6 month period.*

newulife hgh gel
newulife hgh gel

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SOMADERM HGH Gel Testimonials

New U Life’s Homeopathic SOMADERM Gel is the ONLY
transdermal, FDA registered human growth hormone (HGH)
product available without a prescription. The molecular
breakdown of HGH found in SOMADERM Gel is synthetic
USP human growth hormone (somatropin).



SOMADERM Gel is formulated using a nearly identical version of the natural recurring human growth hormone called Somatropin. As a homeopathic form of Somatropin, SOMADERM Gel has been shown to be safe and effective for both men and women. over the age of 18.

Since SOMADERM Gel is applied topically, within 5-10 minutes the gel is quickly absorbed in the bloodstream. Taking human growth hormone orally is shown to be ineffective as it is easily destroyed by the enzymes in our saliva and our gut, rendering these products ineffective. This makes SOMADERM Gel superior to any other growth hormone supplement on the market.


  • FDA Registered

  • Shelf Stable

  • No Prescription

  • Transdermal Delivery

  • Over The Counter

  • Real HGH Glandular Support